The "F13" is The new star in our fleet. Refurbishment started middle of March 2013 and has been redesigned to a high standard. With an outstanding colour which no other boat has, makes this catamaran different from the rest.

The seating area is to the highest standard with comfortable cushioned seats for you to sit and enjoy the view or take to the front of the catamaran with 4 nets and two wooden decks to choose from.

It combines a young and fresh look with the latest technological innovations and lots of little details that have been added based on our years of experience in this business.

The boat has a very clever layout with a large bar area, in front a table for lunch and seating all round the outside and under cover, 4 nets at the front for those who like to feel the sea underneath them or a wooden deck area to sunbathe.

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The F13 is one of our more popular boats in the fleet as it carries up to 120 passengers (including 4 crew) and is designed specifically to travel the Atlantic Ocean for whale and dolphin excursions.

Booking a trip on F13 will give you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Weight: 139 tonnes
Dimensions: Beam: 10M Length: 22M Height: 25M
Constructed: 1999 First Sailed: 2001
Construction: Aluminium
Capacity: 120 (including 4 crew)
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