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Just a few minutes from your hotel you can enjoy the best whales and dolphins watching excursion in Tenerife. In Freebird Catmaran you can book an excursion of 3 hours around Costa Adeje area, and an excursion of 4,5 hours to Los Gigantes Cliffs and Masca.


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14 July, 2017
The Teno-Rasca marine strip

The space called the Teno-Rasca Marine Strip is located in the western sector of the island of Tenerife. It co...

Image of Freebird catamaran during the cruise in Tenerife
14 July, 2017
Why do they live here?

For various reasons pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins settled down at the south west coast of Tenerife and...


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Top Excursion

Freebird is the top Whale & Dolphin watching excursion in Tenerife, thanks to our more than 20 years of experience.

Luxury structure

Four catamarans with all amenities to enjoy a relaxing day and connect with nature.


Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Freebird has all the necessary security measures.

Sepcialized guide

Our guide specialized in cetaceans will explain the behavior of the species that live permanently in Tenerife

We care about whales & dolphins



Freebird has modern and luxurious catamarans with all the amenities to enjoy your whale and dolphin watching.


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