10 Reasons to come back to Tenerife

Tenerife has a very extensive and solid tourist infrastructure that has taken advantage of this time of confinement to renew and adapt itself to the needs of the sector in this new normality.

We have spent a few months in a situation that was unthinkable at the beginning of the year, confined at home and with restrictions on mobility and movement. We are gradually coming out of this situation and the possibility of travelling and sightseeing is available again. The best way to travel these days is to choose a safe destination like the one offered by the Canary Islands and especially Tenerife.

The island has a robust health system with two large prestigious hospitals and a large number of health care centers, offering the best guarantees of the Spanish health system. This quality of health care, together with the low incidence rate of the pandemic in Tenerife and the anti-COVID-19 measures taken by the authorities and those responsible for the tourist industry (which are aimed at making Tenerife a safe environment), make returning to Tenerife to enjoy its variety of climates, landscapes and tourist attractions a real and safe option, very attractive for holidays in these times.

Tenerife – A safe tourist destination

Tenerife has a very extensive and solid tourist infrastructure that has taken advantage of this time of confinement to renew and adapt itself to the needs of the sector in this new normality.

Returning to Tenerife can be done safely, as its airports, hotels, tourist attractions and other leisure and catering establishments are prepared to receive tourists in the best hygiene and safety conditions, following protocols approved by the WHO, pioneers in the world.

Intelligent tourism – Tenerife presents its plan to reinvent itself as an intelligent and sustainable tourist destination

The Council of Tenerife has launched a plan to boost the island’s tourism sector, based on digitalization and sustainability, investing 23 million euros. This plan aims to promote intelligent tourism and to this end measures will be implemented in two main areas.

  • Sustainability. Investment in transversal actions, research, tourism promotion, marketing, digital transformation and tourism intelligence.
  • Infrastructures. Investments with the aim of rehabilitating the tourist area to adapt it to new demands.

Measures to fly without fear

Tenerife has two airports, one in the northern area where domestic and inter-island flights predominate, and another in the southern area where most international and many domestic flights arrive. The anti-COVID measures taken at both airports (and at the other airports on the islands) guarantee the safety of passengers, helping to make Tenerife a safe destination.

Among the main measures taken at Tenerife’s airports are the taking of temperatures with the use of cameras and the increase in cleaning and disinfecting in bathrooms and common areas. There are also safety distance signs and accesses to the different areas respecting this distance, provision of hydro alcoholic gel dispensers for hand hygiene and the prohibition of smoking.

Canary Islands – A safe tourist destination

Tenerife and the whole of the Canary Islands is considered to be a safe area to travel to, in terms of the coronavirus. The UNWTO guarantees the Canary Islands as a safe tourist destination. And it not only endorses it, but also gives as an example the measures taken by the Canary Islands’ tourism sector in the face of the pandemic. The UNWTO has applauded the steps taken by the Canary Islands to restart tourism and offer a safe destination to all its visitors.

The Sun magazine also considers the Canary Islands a safe destination, indicating that Lanzarote is an ideal place to spend a holiday due to the low incidence of the pandemic and the measures taken by the authorities and the tourism sector.

The Canaries is shown to be a safe tourist destination thanks to the efforts of the entire tourist industry of the islands, with the support of the Canarian institutions.

10 reasons that will make you return to Tenerife in your next holiday

There are numerous places to visit in Tenerife that are reason enough to return to the island to spend your next holiday. Everyone knows the goodness of the climate on the islands, having a gentle and pleasant climate all year round, where the sun is present even in winter. In this aspect Tenerife is unique in having different climates throughout the island, from warm and summer temperatures in the south, to humid and fresh climates in its extensive forests and mountainous areas.

Here are ten reasons why you should come back to Tenerife and enjoy all that this wonderful island has to offer.

1. Freebird Catamaran, a tourist attraction safe from coronavirus

To be able to sail on a big catamaran like the Freebird along the coast of Tenerife is an experience not to be missed. Enjoying the wonders the coast has to offer is one of the attractions of this activity. But the main attraction is to go in search of dolphins and whales that swim in these waters and to be able to pass within a few meters of them, admiring the great beauty of these marine animals.

This tourist attraction is already active after the pandemic and returns with the best anti-covid security measures and protocols as they are:

  • Reduction of the capacity of the catamarans to 60% of their maximum legal capacity, in order to comply with the safety distance.
  • Use of digital ticket for access to the catamaran, thus avoiding the manipulation of physical paper tickets.
  • Disinfection of common areas every 30 minutes.
  • Temperature check before boarding to avoid passengers with fever.
  • Use of obligatory masks for personnel and passengers.
  • Individually packed meals.

Hiring an excursion to see whales and dolphins in Tenerife with the attraction of Freebird Catamaran will be an unforgettable experience, ideal for a holiday with children in the Canary Islands.[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”10745,10729,10749,10733,10766,10762″ img_size=”medium”]

2. Diversity of landscapes

One of the best things about Tenerife is its wide variety of landscapes. It is a large island of volcanic origin, with a variety of climates and landscapes that make it a unique place.

You can go to coastal areas with sandy beaches or to other areas of the coast with volcanic rock. In the northern area there are many banana plantations that offer a surprising and unique landscape. The various mountains and forests where the Canary Island pine abounds offer another image of the island, being ideal for hiking or walking. The upper part of the island is marked by the Teide, which offers a spectacular volcanic landscape.

The contrasts of Tenerife allow you to enjoy the sun on the beach and moving a few kilometers, access to a volcanic area on the slopes of the highest peak in Spain.

3. Enjoy the splendour of the Teide National Park

The Teide National Park is something unique that will remain engraved in your memory. Climbing up to the Ucanca Valley and admiring its immensity and its sea of volcanic stones is a unique experience.

The strong point of visiting the Teide is to reach the summit, something that is possible thanks to the access by cable car, which will leave you near the peak that can be reached on foot. If you climb the Teide peak you can say that you have been to the highest area in Spain.

4. Taste the products and local gastronomy in the Guachinches

Typical Canarian dishes are mojo picón (canarian dip), papas arrugadas (salted canarian potatoes), gofio (type of wheat) and banana from the Canary Islands. In Tenerife there is a unique type of gastronomic place known as “Guachinches”. These are small rural houses, set up as small restaurants where typical Canarian home-made food is served, always accompanied by the best wines of the area (Guachinches emerged in the past as a measure to promote the wines of each area).

The Guachinches are located in the northern part of the island and are synonymous with homemade Canary Island food, good wine and a family atmosphere, all at a very low price. “Ir de guachinche” (go to a guachinche) is a common thing for the inhabitants of the island, and there are many Canarians who travel from other islands to eat in these home-made restaurants.

You can enjoy a unique culinary experience in Tenerife, and all for very little money.

5. Getting to know different types of beaches

Tenerife has many kilometres of beaches, both black and white sand. In the south, as in Los Gigantes or Costa Adeje, you can enjoy many white-sand beaches, in an area where the sun appears almost every day of the year.

In the northern zone there are many natural swimming pools and black sand beaches, such as Puerto de la Cruz, where a large complex of artificial saltwater swimming pools, called Lago Martiánez, is located right next to the sea.

The coasts and beaches of Tenerife are well known to water sports lovers. It is possible to surf in Tenerife on countless beaches, as well as to practice Windsurfing or Kitesurfing on one of the best beaches in Europe, in El Médano (where world championships are held in both disciplines).

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6. Visit the Pyramids of Güímar

The Pyramids of Güímar are located in the municipality of the same name in the south of Tenerife. They are pyramid-shaped constructions facing the sun, which are attributed to different origins.

This tourist visit allows you to do something different, where you can admire some ancient constructions similar to those found in Peru or Mexico and on which you can speculate about the different theories about their origins.

7. Walking around La Laguna, a World Heritage City

San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a municipality located in the north of the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (urban expansion has brought the two municipalities together). The historic centre of La Laguna was considered a World Heritage Site in 1999, and walking through its narrow, cobbled streets is a special experience that will make you think of times gone by. The city was built on a lagoon and its high level of humidity is one of its main characteristics.

La Laguna has many areas of architectural interest, such as its Cathedral or the central building of La Laguna University.

If you return to Tenerife you have to visit La Laguna, remembering that even though you are in the Canary Islands, you may need a coat.

8. Dance and leisure nights

In both the southern and northern parts of Tenerife you can enjoy the night in terraces, discos and pubs with different atmospheres. Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are distinguished by their very active and avant-garde nightlife, focused on young people looking for action and new experiences. In the northern area, specifically in Puerto de la Cruz, you can also enjoy the night, with atmospheres for young people, adults and even more experienced people.

9. Ready for tourism all year round

Tenerife is an island prepared for tourism with an impressive hotel capacity that includes national and international tourism. Connections on the island are very good, with public transport services, taxis and countless car hire companies.

Even in the winter months the island does not stop, being considered high season as tourists from cold areas arrive in search of a warm and gentle climate.

Tenerife is an island with a high level of security where you can walk around peacefully thanks to its low crime rate.

10. Visit the Candelaria Basilica

The Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria is home to the Virgin of Candelaria, considered to be the patron saint of the Canary Islands. It is a place of Catholic pilgrimage to go and see the Virgin, bring her offerings and pray.

The basilica is located next to the sea, offering a spectacular image next to its large square and the giant statues of the ‘Guanches’ that guard the promenade. It is a very interesting visit for believers and architecture lovers, with a large number of souvenir shops and restaurants.

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