10 unknown secrets that you cannot miss in Tenerife

This time we bring you 10 unknown places of Tenerife and activities that escape from the tourist clichés. Do you want to know more?

“Nivaria” was the name the Romans gave to the island of Tenerife, because of the snows that they saw from their boats at the summit of Teide during the winter. The largest island in the archipelago is also the one with more variety of climates and, therefore, more opportunities for each traveler to live a unique and different vacation. This time we bring you 10 unknown places of Tenerife and activities that escape from the tourist clichés. Do you want to know more?

10 unknown places of Tenerife and activities to do something different

These are not the plans you cannot miss if Tenerife and, in fact, if you have never visited the island, it is preferable that you focus on knowing El Teide National Park and the basic places of interest. However, if this is not your first visit to Tenerife and you want to do something different, these ideas may inspire you. Let’s go there!


1. Do a hiking trail through a ravine

The Barranco del Infierno (‘Hell’s ravine’) is possibly one of the most spectacular and publicized hiking trails in Tenerife. However, it is not the only one that deserves some words. Among the unknown places in Tenerife there are some spectacular ravines with much to offer. This is the case of the Barranco de Ruiz. It is located very close to the beautiful town of San Juan de la Rambla, a good starting point to explore the area. Besides, at the foot of the ravine there is a rest area with parking and a restaurant with terrace where you can enjoy the typical dishes from the north of the island.

Barranco de Ruiz

Barranco de Ruiz, San Juan de la Rambla


2. Night walks by the main towns of Tenerife

Allover the year you can find night tours in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, La Orotava or Santa Cruz. Each of the night tours in Tenerife are available at different times of the year. This is a way to find unknown places in Tenerife in the cities that you had already visited.

La Noche en Blanco, in San Crstóbal de La Laguna

La Noche en Blanco, in San Crstóbal de La Laguna


Whale watching tour in Tenerife

3. Going dressed like a mago in a traditional festival.

Each May – they really start at the end of April and last until the end of summer -, the residents of the cities and towns of the island of Tenerife dress with their best clothes to go to the «romerías», a typical Canarian folk festival in which residents and visitors dress in regional costumes and where various events for children and adults take place. The best known is the Romería de Tegueste and also the most popular. That is why we recommend others from relatively nearby towns such as Los Realejos in the north, or the Romería de Arona and Guía de Isora in the south. If you want to go, do not forget to buy your mago or maga suit so as not to clash with the tradition.

Los Realejos Romería

Los Realejos Romería


4. Walk through the streets of Vilaflor, the town built at highest altitude in Spain

Located at 1,500 meters of altitude, Vilaflor has the honor of being the town at highest altitude in entire Spain. But this is not the only reason to visit the last town you will see if you go up to the Teide from the south. Vilaflor is known for its wines with Apellation of Origin, for its historic center and for the magnificent viewpoints that you will find at the outskirts of the town. In addition, from here depart several hiking trails of tourist interest, as the one that ascends to the Paisaje Lunar (Moon Landscape).

Rock Formations Paisaje Lunar

Rock Formations Paisaje Lunar on Canary Island Tenerife, Spain


5. Rent a camper van and camp at the camping areas network

If we have to talk about the secrets of Tenerife, we cannot miss the free camping areas with a special permission that allows you to camp with a tent or motorhome for up to 7 days. All of them have public restrooms, picnic area and barbecue area.

Rent a Camper Van: the best way to explore Tenerife

Rent a Camper Van: the best way to explore Tenerife


6. Do a Whale watching tour and discover the best views of Los Gigantes

This is an activity that you can do if it is the first time you travel to Tenerife or if you are already a veteran of the island. Taking a tour to see cetaceans and know the awesome cliffs of Los Gigantes will give you the possibility to see whales and dolphins in the middle of nature, without any artifice, since these cetaceans transit between the islands of La Gomera and Tenerife every year. Some of them, such as pilot whales and some dolphin species, spend most of the year on the island, so there is almost a 100% chance that you will be able to see them. You simply have to choose the whale & dolphin watching tour you prefer!

Whale watching tour in Los Gigantes

Freebird Catamaran 4,5h Whale watching tour in Los Gigantes


7. Discover the natural pool of Los Abrigos and its small port.

A few kilometers away from the touristic town of El Médano and the no less known La Tejita beach stands the peaceful town of Los Abrigos. Try the fresh fish that you can buy at its small port and take the opportunity to visit the local natural pools. The pools of Los Abrigos are located 1 kilometer from the town center, walking along a coastal path not indicated but easily accessible (not recommended for children under 10 years).

Los Abrigos

Los Abrigos


8. Walk by the hiking trail network of Anaga and enjoy its beaches.

The Rural Park of Anaga is one of the secrets of Tenerife that do not never disappoint. If you have not explored its ravines and summits, we recommend you to do some hiking trail to Afur, Taganana, Punta del Hidalgo, Cruz del Carmen or a visit to the Pijaral (you may ask for permission for this one).


Taganana, on Tenerife island


9. Know the Jardín Social La Quinta (La Quinta Social Garden)

If you are traveling by car, take the chance to visit some of the guachinches of Santa Úrsula or La Matanza and visit the curious La Quinta Social Garden. The guachinches are a typical kind of restaurants of Tenerife. Traditionally, the sale of surplus wine of the different houses was allowed, accompanied by some typical dishes. This curious visit houses a sculpture dedicated to women. It is a picturesque visit but we do not recommend it if you have not already seen the most typical places of Tenerife.

Jardín Social La Quinta

Jardín Social La Quinta


10. Focus your holidays in exploring Isla Baja (‘the lower island’) and Icod

At the foot of Teno Rural Park we discover one of the most unknown destinations in Tenerife. The best known locations in it are Buenavista del Norte with its beaches and its golf course that brings most of the tourism that comes to the area, and Los Silos, which stands out for its beautiful church and main square. In the area of Icod, you may know Garachico, Icod de Los Vinos and San Juan de la Rambla.

Millennial Drago Tree

Millennial Drago tree at Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife Island


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