Amazing Things You Can Do in Tenerife in the Winter

There is no doubt about it, winter weather across much of Europe can be pretty grim. The skies are grey, the days short and temperatures freezing. This lack of sun and warmth during the harsh months of January and February is enough to make you want to escape on holiday to find some much needed sunlight!

There is no doubt about it, winter weather across much of Europe can be pretty grim. The skies are grey, the days short and temperatures freezing. This lack of sun and warmth during the harsh months of January and February is enough to make you want to escape on holiday to find some much needed sunlight!

Why a Winter Holiday in Tenerife is the Perfect Option

A vacation can be the perfect solution to pick you up and recharge your batteries. While there are many getaways across Europe that are excellent if you enjoy winter sports and snowy conditions though, what about for those of us that prefer warm, sunny conditions? Sure you can travel outside Europe, but this can be both costly and time consuming. Here is a not so secret option that is tantalisingly close: Tenerife, the perfect winter sun destination!

Like all of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is blessed with absolutely beautiful year round conditions. In fact this amazing Spanish archipelago enjoys what has been described as ‘the best climate in the world’. Throughout the year there are gorgeous spring-like conditions with an average temperature of 22ºC , meaning in the summer it never gets too hot and most crucially, in the winter months, rarely too cold to need to wear more than shorts and t-shirt.

Tenerife: So Much More than Sun, Sand and Sea

Tenerife: So Much More than Sun, Sand and Sea

As Tenerife is undoubtedly such a famous worldwide holiday trip destination, you may think you already know what’s on offer, i.e. sun, sand and sea. You will definitely be surprised by how much more there is  to try than what may initially meet the eye.

While some much needed rest and relaxation by the pool or at the beach is certainly a great way to spend some of your holiday, there are just so many other amazing activities to do in Tenerife, that it would be a real shame not to try at least some of them. This includes:


Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours

The ocean waters around Tenerife and the Canary Islands are literally some of the best in the world for seeing these incredible creatures in the wild, exactly where they belong. A fantastic family friendly option is aboard a wonderful whale and dolphin watching tour! Witnessing these animals in the wild is a completely unique experience which is so much better both ethically for the animals and in terms of your own enjoyment, than seeing them in captivity.

The first time you see a pod of dolphins racing through the ocean and leaping through the waves, you will be captivated! The intelligence, grace and beauty of these creatures is really something to behold and the waters around Tenerife are without doubt some of the best in the world to witness them.

As well as the playful, intelligent dolphins you can enjoy the sight of a whole host of different whale species as they swim gently through the ocean and casually surface for air. They are not shy and will glide along almost close enough to touch. The size and majesty of these peaceful giants is truly a sight to behold and just like with the dolphins, they will leave you mesmerised. This is truly one of the most amazing things you can do in Tenerife in the winter that you should definitely not miss out on, especially if you love animals and nature!

Guide To Whale And Dolphin Watching On Tenerife

An Incredible Paragliding Flight

For those of you looking for a completely different excursion involving a rush of adrenaline, you should definitely consider paragliding! Now you might be thinking, I could never do that, but it is really one of those experiences that will leave you with amazing memories to last a lifetime.

As with whale and dolphin watching tours, paragliding is also something that can be enjoyed by almost all of the family including younger children. This is because your flight will be with a professional pilot, who will have your safety and enjoyment as their primary concern.

By experiencing Tenerife from the air, you will see the island from a totally unique perspective that few ever get to enjoy. You will soar high up in the sky like a bird with incredible views of the landscape and ocean.

What’s more, Tenerife is one of the best locations in the world to enjoy one of these amazing flights, so rather than doing the typical holiday destination activities, why not take to the skies for a once in a lifetime epic experience!

Tenerife Paragliding Center

Discover the Spectacular Beauty of Mount Teide and it’s National Park

For a relatively small island, Tenerife has many features that make it truly unique in comparison to other destinations you may have visited. One of these is undoubtedly  Mount Teide, a 3,718-metre tall volcano which is both the highest point in Spain and highest above sea level in the Atlantic islands. It is a truly breathtaking sight that dominates the island, and has been described as the third tallest volcanic structure on Earth by NASA and UNESCO.

There are many ways to enjoy this stunning natural structure, including a trip right to the top on the Teide Cable Car from which you will experience breathtaking views above the clouds. This is seriously one of those moments when you can marvel at the sublime beauty of nature.

Alternatively, if you enjoy hiking, then a perfect option for you would be a trek around Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most visited national park in Europe. The landscape of the park is completely different to that of the coastline of Tenerife where most tourists spend their time. Instead, experience a completely different side to the island, more in touch with the natural world. This is certainly not the typical Tenerife you think you know.

As you can see, this island offers some truly unique experiences that will make you want to return again and again. This is just a small selection of what’s on offer during a Tenerife holiday, with many other incredible things to see and do such as zip-lining and climbing in a huge pine forest, swimming in the ocean and natural pools, trekking down the Masca gorge, sea-kayaking and exploring historical urban areas such as La Laguna and Santa Cruz, not to mention all the delicious food and drink to taste and wonderful culture to experience.

A paraglider near El Teide volcano - Tenerife

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