How to Truly Motivate Your Staff With a Fantastic Trip to Tenerife

Make sure to put it at the top of your list if you are looking for the perfect place for a trip to motivate your staff. Tenerife has transformed itself into somewhere that should absolutely be at the top of your list for taking a group of your employees. Here is just a small selection of what Tenerife has to offer when you book a company or group trip to the island:

Tenerife is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best destinations in the world for a vacation. It is one of those rare places to travel to where you can truly enjoy being outdoors at any time of the year, without having to worry about what the weather is like. On virtually any day, whatever season it is, you can expect to be bathed in glorious sunlight beneath a bright blue sky.

Freebird One on a private tour in catamaran

This is because the Canary Islands, of which Tenerife is the largest, are well renowned for what many experts describe as having the “Best Climate in the World”. The average yearly temperature is an extremely pleasant 22ºC, with temperatures that make it seem like the Canary Islands are in a state of year-round spring. The winter barely ever gets too cold with an average temperature of 18ºC and the summers rarely get too hot with an average of 23ºC. The most common clothing choice for locals and holidaymakers alike are shorts and t-shirts for strolling around, even in the middle of the winter time. What’s even better, you can even find people happily sunbathing on the numerous beautiful beaches of Tenerife at any month of the year, even in the winter, while the rest of Europe shivers.

Tenerife: The Perfect Destination for a Staff Trip

A common myth about Tenerife though, is that apart from the beaches, bars and numerous all-inclusive resorts and restaurants, there is little else on offer, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The island has absolutely incredible natural beauty, a wealth of wonderful towns and villages to explore packed with history, culture and plenty of excellent independent restaurants, high quality hotels and resorts many of which have unique, boutique designs, and a huge number of fantastic excursions and activities.

Tenerife: The Perfect Destination for a incentive event

So leave behind the image you may have of the island as a cheap beach getaway and make sure to put it at the top of your list if you are looking for the perfect place for a trip to motivate your staff. Tenerife has transformed itself into somewhere that should absolutely be at the top of your list for taking a group of your employees. Here is just a small selection of what Tenerife has to offer when you book a company or group trip to the island:

An Incredible Private Whale and Dolphin Watching Trip for Your Staff

What many people don’t realise, is that the ocean waters around Tenerife are some of the very best in the whole world to witness whales and dolphins in their natural habitat! During a trip out on the ocean waves you can be almost guaranteed to see dolphins speeding through the sea and leaping into the air, and numerous different species of whales gliding through the waves and surfacing to breathe. These creatures are truly breathtaking up close in the wild which is exactly where they belong. The experience of seeing them for the first time in their natural habitat is hard to describe, but words such as awesome, amazing and incredible, or simply WOW, will all spring to the lips! Witnessing these creatures up close and personal is truly magical and so much better than seeing them either on a screen, or in captivity which is incredibly cruel. While there are a number of excursion companies offering whale and dolphin watching excursions, Freebird Catamaran offer excellent service, experience and a real commitment to protecting the natural habitat of cetaceans, making them the best choice when you decide to book a whale and dolphin watching trip.

Family Excursions on Tenerife

What’s more, Freebird has the perfect option for corporate events such as a trip for your staff with private, fully organised events. These can be completely customised to your needs, including DJs, animation teams, waitresses and waiters, catering and more. All you and your group need to do is turn and up and enjoy the day; the perfect incentive for your staff. It is more than likely that few, if any of your staff will have witnessed whales and dolphins in the wild, so this is one of those rare moments in life that really will leave them amazed. There could be few better treats for your team, than a private luxury trip on a Freebird catamaran to see these incredible creatures while taking in the outstanding views of the incredible Tenerife coastline!

An Exhilarating Adventure at Forestal Park Tenerife

Typical team building experiences are usually things like bowling or other similarly mundane activities. In Tenerife there are a whole host of unique and exciting experiences that will truly bring your team closer together by helping to challenge them. It is these kind of activities that truly create lasting memories and will incentivise them to work more closely together and hopefully do even better for your company. One such excursion is at Forestal Park Tenerife, where you will find the island’s largest zipline thrill park! This is another incredible place that completely shatters most people’s expectations and image about Tenerife and what it is has to offer. Sure the island has beautiful beaches and a wonderful coastline, but you will also find forests with giant pine trees! At Forestal Park your group will need to work together if they want to get the best out of the day which includes rope ladders, high rope obstacles in the treetops, Tarzan swings and giant ziplines, all situated within a wonderful natural environment far away from the crowded coastline.   Forestal Park Tenerife offers the option of custom designed packages which are absolutely perfect for corporate team building events. The professional, friendly staff at the centre will help you to organise a day out among nature, that will provide great fun amongst all of your work team. This in turn will create a sense of unity and build a greater bond which will last long after the day has ended. A trip to Forestal Park Tenerife is perfect as a company incentive, or to celebrate the launch of new product presentations, advertising campaigns and much more!

See the Sunset and Stars from Mount Teide

The natural environment in Tenerife is absolutely incredible and breathtakingly beautiful. While the coastline has stunning beaches and palm tree lined walkways with people strolling along in shorts and t-shirts, much of the interior of Tenerife is dominated by the giant Mount Teide. The 3,718-metre summit is the highest peak in Spain and the highest point above sea-level in the islands of the Atlantic!

Not only is Mount Teide visible from practically any point of Tenerife, but it also offers one of the most incredible views in Europe from its peak. As a corporate incentive for your team, a trip to the top of Mount Teide would undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Not only that, but it is actually possible to book exclusive use of the cable car for up to 90 people for the Sunset and Stars on Teide excursion. Tenerife is one of the best locations in the world for stargazing, especially from the top of Mount Teide which is above cloud level and which receives very little light pollution. During this particular private excursion your group will be able to marvel at the beautiful experience of seeing the sunset from the highest peak in Spain, enjoy a delicious cocktail dinner designed by two-Michelin-star chef Erlantz Gorostiza, and to top this all off witness a sea of stars that is quite simply breathtaking!

Treat Your Team with a Perfect Trip to Tenerife

As you can see just from this small selection, Tenerife offers such a wide variety of different activities that are perfect incentives for your company team or group of your employees. Far from simply being a sunny beach destination, it is one of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins in the wild, an island filled with a wide variety of natural beauty, from the stunning coastline to the pine forests and iconic Mount Teide, and a top global destination for stargazing.

Tenerife Paragliding Center

Of course the island is packed full of other great things to do with your team that make it stand out from the crowd such as snorkelling and scuba diving, surfing lessons, jet-skiing, the best waterpark in the world, amazing paragliding flights above the island, delicious restaurants and top quality hotels and resorts. By organising a corporate trip to Tenerife, you can’t go wrong!

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