Why do they live here?

For various reasons pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins settled down at the south west coast of Tenerife and live here permanently: the food supply, which is abundant; the tranquil waters, protected from the trade winds by the mountainous landscape of the island; as well as the good climate and quality of crystal-clear waters, have created a paradise and ideal setting for these marine mammals. Although it is dif cult to know the exact number of species that live here, we estimate that the population of pilot whales – between 500 and 600 – is twice the amount of bottlenose dolphins.

Mammals that live in the sea.

Cetaceans, which include whales, dolphins and porpoises, are marine mammals and are more similar to humans than sh, despite living in the sea. Just like humans, they are warm-blooded and breathe oxygen through their lungs, meaning they have to reach the surface for air, which consequently allows visitors to see them in their natural habitat. Cetaceans are fascinating creatures. They are able to live in the sea, a hostile environment for humans, and are extremely mobile in water, an enviable asset. Whale watching offers the opportunity to see these species swim free in the wild, a special and memorable experience that shouldn’t be missed in Tenerife.

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