Whale watching excursion review by Anastasia Prokshits

Looking for the best whale and dolphin watching excursion in Tenerife

When I decided to do a whale and dolphin watching excursion on my trip to Tenerife, firstly I did a Google search to see the different companies that offered excursions and compare their services, the comfort of the boat, and the opinions of other travelers on Tripadvisor. and social media. After having made that comparison, I chose the Freebird Catamaran Excursion

I took a Freebird Catamaran cruise and it was amazing! I advise you to book the excursion in your hotel as it’s easier for you to take a bus right from the hotel. And also they can help you to find the best offer of catamaran cruise of Tenerife. This is possible to choose different time of your staying on the boat. Usually, from 3 hours to 4,5h.  I think the best variant is 3 hours. And the prices vary from 40€ to 54€, which depends of the length of the trip and of the service you get. I would say 40€ for 3 hours is a good price. Also, if you want a vip place on the bed in a front row, you have to pay more.

My first impression

My first impression was very good, the crew was very welcoming and the boat looked very nice. It’s quite spacious, there’re benches on the sides and a bar stand in the middle, where you can order a drink. There are vip beds if you want to enjoy in a more private zone with extra comfort. Service was really great, sandwiches and drinks are included in the price. So, half of the trip we were  watching dolphins and the other half we were swimming in the ocean. When we found dolphins, the boat stayed near them for half an hour, so you can enjoy these majestic creatures without any rush. And the other part of the trip was swimming in the ocean with fish, which is also exciting.

An unforgettable experience

Freebird catamaran cruise is a very good attraction because it’s a perfect chance to become closer to the nature of sea, enjoy the ocean breeze and transparent water of the deep sea. Sometimes, it’s good to spend a few hours on a cruise like that, it helps to relax and to feel rested. It’s difficult to meet dolphins in the wilderness, because you have to know the place of their habitat and ,usually, they are staying away from the coast. And that is the reason why excursions like this are very good for kids for example, because they have an opportunity to meet face to face with this graceful animals. The cruise is definitely worth the price (40 euros for 3 hours) and it’s not too long, which is good in my opinion.

Reasons to book catamaran cruise during holidays in Tenerife.

I recommend this attraction both to families and to groups of friends, anyways you’ll have a great time during your holidays in Tenerife. I have a few reasons why this cruise on Freebird catamaran is a really good attraction. Firstly, the service is very good, the staff is extremely nice and helpful. They were still offering us drinks during the whole trip. And moreover they agreed to have a picture with us, and now we have a good memory of spending time with real sailors. Secondly, you will definitely see dolphins there, also, there is a possibility if you are lucky to see the whales, too. But the percent of it much lower. And thirdly, I will recommend this trip to my friends because when you are on an island you have to take an excursion of that kind and my experience with this company was really good.

I  would also advice to try other water attractions like diving for example, because the ocean is full of beautiful creatures that are so exciting to see. This activity is probably not for everyone but I think you can try it here in Tenerife. Also, you can go down the sea by submarine, which is cool as well! Because later you can say that you were on the submarine and it’s a thing that everyone can say. And here in Tenerife there is an opportunity for those who would like to try it. It’s better for small kids and safer in general than diving. There is a wide choice of water attractions, for example, jet ski, parascending… you can choose what is closer to your style of holiday, and what is ok with the time you have and your company.

Attraction for families

In my opinion this cruise is an attraction for everybody, no matter how old you are you will enjoy this trip. But I think this excursion is especially good for families, who are the main customer. Because, of course, for kids it’s super great and they will have the best time ever. But also I think it’s very good for romantic trip for two people. As you can have this opportunity to have this place with a bed and more privacy. Moreover, it’s perfect for group of friends, too! For example, I was there with some friends and we had a great time. Maybe it’s good even if you are going alone. Sailing on boat and being around the sea nature is very calming.

I like watching dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Especially, if it’s not invasive. I’m against any kind of disturbing of nature, but in this case you can see how a man and nature can coexist peacefully without affecting each other so much. The boat only follows the dolphins on their ways but not too close and not to long. So, everyone is in peace and animals are not hurt. The best part of my trip was dolphins. We were watching them about 40 minutes. I couldn’t stop gazing those beautiful mammals. Also, you can learn some new information about them from the crew. They told us about the specie of those dolphins and there special features.


Freebird also has a very good looking website. It is very good organized, you can easily find what are you looking for. There you have all the information about different types of excursions and activities that Freebird can offer. Plenty of photos and videos clips can help you to choose the best option for you. This website is full of memorable moments from previous trips, so maybe you can find yourself there after a while. Moreover, on this website you can find more information about 3 hours cruise and 4,5 hours cruise. It will help you to see the difference between these two offers and to decide what is better for you. If you take 4,5 hours trip the boat stops in Los Gigantes, which is a very beautiful place for swimming and enjoying the view. Don’t forget to check Freebird website where you can find all the information you need to plan tour perfect holiday.

It’s very obvious that the crew of the freebird catamaran loves animals and treats them like friends. For them it’s more than a job. They spend a lot of time with these amazing animals and it is visible that they give them the whole heart. The crew knows a lot of interest facts about dolphins. I think it is a perfect balance of what people can do to be closer to he nature without disturbing the wholesomeness of it. We need to support the environment and be gentle with its creatures. And I’m glad that the team of Freebird does their best to not ruin  the fine line between peaceful watching and actual harm.

If you are on a boat for the first time, it’s better be ready to possible accidents. Take some pills with you, but don’t worry the cruise team will take care about you. Take a swimsuit, towel and a camera to capture the most exciting moments. And if you don’t have a seasick, you’ll be absolutely fine. It depends sometimes on the weather conditions. I was lucky and the sea was very calm te day when I did the cruise. It’s good because when waves are not so strong the rolling is hardly noticeable. And what is important the chance to see animals when the sea is quiet is bigger. Also, clouds are very common for Tenerife and it can spoil the view a little bit, but nevertheless I’m sure you’ll have a great time on a boat.

In my opinion, it’s better to plan your holidays in advance at home. You can search on the internet for attractions in Tenerife and already decide what kind of excursions or places would you like to visit. Because sometimes we think that we have plenty of time for our trip, but when the holidays start they come to the end very soon that you didn’t really notice. So, that’s why to have a plan is very useful. Of course, our expectations don’t always come true, and sometimes at the moment of the arrival you can realize that everything is completely different and you also can learn about better offers or hidden places from locals. If you decided to book a trip by boat I advice you to buy it in your hotel or directly from the company. But don’t buy it on the street somewhere to not be deceived.

Freebird catamaran cruise is a safe attraction. The boat is protected from every side. Staff have everything  esencial for providing security on board. You will see life buoys in each corner. I think that this boat is safe for children, although parents must be careful and look after them thoroughly. Because boarders can be too big for them, and there’s a chance that the can fall out of the boat. Also, the front part has a net underneath, so I think there’s a possibility that a child’s leg can get there accidentally. But in my opinion, just a little bit of awareness on board is enough to avoid the accidents. Elders and disabled persons can enjoy the cruise, too. If their health is not in a bad condition. And I’m not sure if a person on a wheelchair can enjoy this excursion. The catamaran is not very big and there’s no ramps to go down to the bathroom.

So, if you prefer watching animals in their natural habitat and don’t like when people keep them in captivity, I advice you to take an excursion by boat instead of going to the zoo. I would choose watching dolphins just swimming peacefully in the ocean than them doing some tricks in a small pool. Sometimes both things can be not good for the animals, but I think that watching dolphins being in natural environment is less harmful and even more exciting for me. Otherwise, dolphins are very sociable animals, they like hanging out with people and being in the center of attention. Sometimes you can see the bond between the trainer and animals that both enjoy what they are doing.

Tenerife is quite a big island and you can find there a lot of interesting thing to do. My top five are volcano Teide, Masca, los Gigantes, forest of Anaga and Siam Park. I prefer natural attractions to museums and other theme parks but Siam Park is special. El Teide is a must have of Tenerife. Even if you are planning just a pool/beach holidays, it doesn’t matter, you have to visit it, at least the national park. It’s amazing and breathtaking. Masca and Los Gigantes are for those who like quiet places. It’s very picturesque and calming, good for hiking. If you stay in the South part its quite difficult to get to the North part if you don’t have a car. But Anaga is definitely worth seeing. Especially, if you like forest and mountains.

Tenerife in general is a very nice place with unique nature and fauna. I like the climate here that the temperature is always the same. Water is very clean and blue. Everyone can find what they expect from ideal holiday. You like beaches? Tenerife can offer never ending coasts. Rocky ones, where you can enjoy the beauty of wild nature and the view of waves crashing against the rocks. Sandy beaches with good service: toilets, changing rooms, showers, shops and restaurants around. Also, there are unique black sand beaches with volcanic sand. A lot of places for hiking nature lovers and big cities with shopping malls for those who would like to buy some clothes on Spanish discounts.

Tenerife is completely different from my country. I can’t even compare them. Tenerife is a comparatively small Spanish island and Russia is huge. But the biggest difference is not in the size. Here people have different life style and different attitude to things in general. They used to enjoy their time. In my country work is on the first place. People here know how to combine both: work and leisure.

Spanish people are very open and friendly.  The weather also differs  from my country. In Russia now it’s very hot and here the air is fresh and chilly. It’s exciting to be able to see mountains and the ocean from your window.

I’m happy to be a part of Tenerife Job Training course because we have an awesome opportunity not only to study but to travel with privileges. I would be glad if we could do a few bus trips around the island together. Because the transport  system is not very easy for tourists and it would be great to spend more time with other students. I can’t get to Masca, for example, because of that. You have to spend 4 hours by bus and it’s only one way. And I would like to have more meetings with other students, because when we work in different parts of the island it’s very hard to organize a meeting all together. Thank you for your help with our intership.


Anastasia Prokshits



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