Osprey or fish eagle

Ägula pescadoraOsprey or fish eagle

(Pandion haliaetus)

Intimately linked to the marine environment, it creates its nests on islets and cliffs such as Teno, one of its usual locations. It feeds only on fish. It is increasingly difficult to see, as it is one of the rarest birds of prey in Tenerife.

The osprey measures between 52 and 60cm tall, with a wingspan ranging between 152 and 167cm. With dark brown upperparts, and white underparts, dark mottled, with a dark mask on the sides of the head. With a long, narrow tail and angular wings, it is easy to identify. It has elongated feathers on the nape that form a crest that bristles frequently.

Juvenile specimens are identified by the light brown spots on their plumage and, in general, by a paler tone. Adult males are distinguished from females by their thinner body and narrower wings. They are easy to distinguish when seeing a pair, but not so much with solitary individuals.

Águila Pescadora

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