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Most Adventures Things To Do In Tenerife

The Canary Islands cruises on Freebird Catamaran are ideal for exploring the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa. Its seven islands are known for year-round tropical climate conditions. The main islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the most fitting as start points for boating vacations on Freebird’s private & luxury yacht charters and various catamarans for private events on Tenerife.

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What to see in Tenerife

Once we prepare our trip to Tenerife, the most important thing is to inform ourselves about the things we can do in Tenerife, independent if we are travelling alone or with our family. We search for them in Google and find ourselves with lots of different activities and places to visit in Tenerife.

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Boat rental in Tenerife

[vc_row rt_row_background_width=”default” rt_row_style=”default-style” rt_row_height=”” rt_row_borders=”” rt_row_shadows=”” rt_column_gaps=”” rt_row_paddings=”true” rt_bg_effect=”classic” rt_transparent_bg=”” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”cover” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll” rt_bg_video_format=”self-hosted”][vc_column width=”2/3″ rt_col_paddings=”true” rt_wrp_col_paddings=”false” rt_column_shadow=”” rt_border_top=”” rt_border_bottom=”” rt_border_left=”” rt_border_right=”” rt_border_top_mobile=”” rt_border_bottom_mobile=”” rt_border_left_mobile=”” rt_border_right_mobile=”” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”auto auto” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll”][vc_column_text] Luxury sailing yachts Freebird Catamarans offers its boat rental services in Tenerife with luxury sailing yachts. HANSE 505, to the horizon…

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Did you know…?

The way to tell a shark from a cetacean is to look at its tail: cetaceans have horizontal tails, while sharks have vertical tail fins. The short-finned pilot whale (or simply pilot whale) and the orca (incorrectly named the ‘killer whale’ because it feeds on other cetaceans) are toothed whales or Odontoceti measuring over 4…

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Tenerife, an exceptional place

Tenerife has an endless array of natural treasures that combined with an ideal climate and excellent tourism infrastructure, makes this island a unique place for adventure breaks in a beautiful natural setting. The variety of landscapes and microclimates has generated an incredibly diverse flora and fauna, being Tenerife one of places with the richest biodiversity…

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Why do they live here?

For various reasons pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins settled down at the south west coast of Tenerife and live here permanently: the food supply, which is abundant; the tranquil waters, protected from the trade winds by the mountainous landscape of the island; as well as the good climate and quality of crystal-clear waters, have created…

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The difference between whales and dolphins

Generally speaking, although scientifically incorrect, a cetacean is considered a whale if it is over four metres long, and any other cetaceans measuring less than 4 metres belong to the dolphin family. The other Cetaceans comprises two groups: Toothed cetaceans (odontoceti) Baleen cetaceans or whales (mysticeti).

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