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Private boat trips Tenerife

We want you to enjoy the sea with the best and most suitable boats for family sailing. A catamaran is by far the most recommended and requested type of boat for nautical tourism with family or friends.

If you are looking for private boat trips Tenerife, contact us and live an unforgettable celebration on the high seas. 

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Enjoy a private & luxury yacht charter. 

Hire a boat Tenerife for Corporate or private events.

Turn a boring corporate meeting into a different one with a spectacular excursion on a catamaran trip Tenerife. Invite your employees, partners, or suppliers – organise events on boats in the island with us.

Get out of the monotony of the meeting room of your company, and connect with nature, enjoying the beauty of our coasts, the whales and the dolphins.

Drinks and food

Choose the catering or drinks you want to serve your guests

Organisation of event logistics

We can organise your private event, so you don't have to worry about anything else


We have the option to add transportation for the participants in your private event

Photo and video reports

If you wish, we can include the video recording and photographic report of your private event


If you wish, besides the rental of the catamaran, we organise your event, and can take care of everything so that you only have to arrive and enjoy the event with your friends or family.

Enjoy special moments with our Private boat trips Tenerife service.


We organise your private boat trip Tenerife

Hire a boat in Tenerife with Freebird One. We take care of everything on your private boat trip in Tenerife and we will help you to plan the perfect corporate event or private party, customised to meet your needs.

We can put at your disposal a DJ, animation, waitresses or waiters, catering, etc.

Tenerife private boat trips

Tenerife Party Boats

Enjoy a private & luxury catamaran charter in Tenerife. Enjoy food and drinks, snorkeling, sunbathing, seeing dolphins and whales, and experiencing the freedom of the sea. Discover our Tenerife boat rental service for your private events.



Your world is opened to the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom. Contact us for Private boat trip Tenerife Service.