Short-Finned Pilot Whale

Also known as "Pilot whale" or "Short-finned Pilot whale ", this species belongs to the family of the dolphins, being therefore a odontocete, (cetacean with teeth).

Short-finned Pilot Whale

(Globicephala macrorinchus)

Also known as pilot whales, this species is part of the oceanic dolphin family, and therefore is odontocete (a toothed cetacean). They are considered whales because of their size, as adult males can exceed 5 metres in length. Calderon dolphins can weigh between 1 and 2 tonnes and they are easily identi able.
The characteristic dorsal fin has a wide base and is set forward on the whale’s back, curved towards the tail. The bulbous head is globe-shaped head and ends in a very slight beak. The colour is very dark, nearly black. This species, resident in Tenerife, is the most frequently sighted during whale watching trips; in fact, they are considered the least migrant of marine species in the world. Pilot whales are very sociable, with a strong sense of family or group. As they do not hide from humans, it has been possible to study them extensively.

During the excursion with the Freebird One, F13 or F15, you will have many possibilities to contemplate this species.

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