Tenerife, an exceptional place

Tenerife has an endless array of natural treasures that combined with an ideal climate and excellent tourism infrastructure, makes this island a unique place for adventure breaks in a beautiful natural setting. The variety of landscapes and microclimates has generated an incredibly diverse flora and fauna, being Tenerife one of places with the richest biodiversity in Europe.
The southern coast of Tenerife is a privileged place for watching whales in the wild as there are permanent pods of dolphins in the surrounding waters year round. Bearing in mind they live so close to the coast, Tenerife has become the top European destination in terms of the number of people that have seen whales in the wild.
We can nd up to 21 different species in Tenerife’s waters; from the colossal blue whale to the feared killer whale. An opportunity not to be missed, as there are very few places on this planet offering such a wide variety of species, at such a short distance from your hotel. It’s no wonder why these fascinating creatures attract half a million visitors every year.


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